Top 5 Things to do in Girona

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Girona City

Top 5 Things to do in Girona

After a trip in Barcelona, we decided to stop in Girona and we weren’t disappointed. Here’s my top tips for things to do!

1. City Walls – La Muralla

If you’re a huge fan of amazing views like I am, then this is an absolute MUST. From the city walls of Girona you can see for miles. The walls date back to the Roman era and are known as ‘Passeig de la Muralla’. Sections of the wall are said to date back to as early as the 9thcentury, however many portions of the wall have been restored in order to allow the city to expand.

Girona City Walls
Girona City Wall Tower

Along the walls are numerous towers offering the most splendid views. We watched the sunset from one of the towers and it was beautiful. Everything can be seen from the walls, allowing you to fully take in the beauty of the city. The snow-topped Pyrenees mountains can be seen in the distance and you can also find flowers sprouting out from various sections of the wall, making the view even more spectacular.

Flowers on Girona City Wall
View from Girona Wall Tower

There are numerous different areas where you can join the wall. The city of Girona is similar to a maze, so the easiest way to get to the wall (in my opinion) is near the Girona cathedral.

2. Girona Cathedral

You cannot miss Girona Cathedral! The cathedral towers over nearly 90 steps, dominating the Plaça de la Catedral. The steps in front of the cathedral were used for a scene in Game of Thrones. Apparently Queen Margaery’s Atonement was filmed here – I won’t go into detail as I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but my boyfriend, Oliver, was incredibly excited when he realised we were in a filming location!

Girona CathedralGirona Cathedral

Whilst at the cathedral we witnessed a wedding. As part of the ceremony, poppers or fun snaps (some kind of small but very loud firework) were laid on the ground and set off as soon as the Bride and Groom exited the cathedral. Honestly, myself and a few other bystanders jumped in complete shock, fearing the worst, as the noise sounded like gun fire. I can’t promise that you’ll experience that when you go to Girona, but I hope this proves how magical it can be!

Girona Cathedral Stairs

3. Arab Baths

Near the Cathedral lie the beautiful Arab Baths.  The 11th-century Baths are a fascinating sight. Entry is just €2 and it is certainly worth it! The Baths are small, but filled with history. There are several rooms, allowing you to move from the hottest room to the coldest – just like they would have in the 11thcentury. The most stunning part of the Baths is the apodyterium or the ‘undressing room’, the first part of the baths you get to explore properly. There is a beautiful centre pool of 8 sides and 8 columns, another recognisable Game of Thrones location!

Arab Baths
Central Pool
Arab Bath Central Pool

4. Ice Cream

Ice Cream

We all have guilty pleasures of one type or another, and mine is definitely ice cream! In Girona you can find Rocambolesc, a quirky and creative ice cream shop like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The ice cream parlour is the brainchild of Jordi Roca, one of the brothers behind the world’s 2ndbest restaurant, El Cellar de Can Roca.

You’ll feel like a child again, excited by the abundance of toppings and interesting flavours. I chose a Panet, a brioche filled with your choice of ice cream and toppings, which is sealed and warmed up, allowing a mouth-watering contrast of flavours and temperatures. Oliver chose a more classic ice cream with various toppings, which was just as delicious as my own!

Ice Cream!

If you prefer ice lollies, have no fear, you can get a crazy assortment of lollies from a giant nose to Darth Vader. It’s one of the most innovative ice cream places I’ve ever seen and definitely worth a visit!

5. Wander

Girona is like a maze, you could easily spend hours wandering around the beautiful city. Near the Arab Baths, close to the walls are some gorgeous paths and gardens. It is definitely worth a wander! It was a perfect picture opportunity which I made sure to make the best of.

Wandering GironaGironaGironaArches in Girona

There are some lovely bridges around Girona, you can see up to eleven different ones! My favourite bridge is the Eiffel Bridge, an interesting bridge created by the same company that constructed the Eiffel Tower. It stands out amongst the rest of the landscape and it looks outstanding in pictures.

Eiffel Bridge Girona

I’d also take a moment to admire the architecture and the colourful buildings around Girona. It’s very picturesque and instagrammable! Take the time to wander around the city and enjoy the surroundings.

Girona City

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top 5 things to do in Girona

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